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           Monday, May 30, 2016
Did You Know?

Agricultural products are one-third of Saskatchewan's exports.

The Saskatchewan Grain Car Corporation (SGCC) is a provincial Treasury Board Crown Corporation responsible for the management of the Government of Saskatchewan's fleet of railway hopper cars.

The Corporation leases hopper cars for movement of western grain in the Grain Handling and Transportation System.

All policies and authorizations are governed by the Board of Directors of the Corporation with the Chairperson being the Minister Responsible for the SGCC.

What's New

The Saskatchewan Grain Car Corporation is pleased to release the 2014-15 SGCC Annual Report. If you would like a hard copy of the Annual Report, please email

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The SGCC supports upgrades to Saskatchewan Shortline Railways through its funding of the 2015-16 Shortline Railway Sustainability Program.

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SGCC hopper car fleet detailed information and photos.

Annual Reports for the past five fiscal years.

Information for the model railroader enthusiast.

Contact Information

 Saskatchewan Grain Car Corporation
 1210-1855 Victoria Ave.
 Regina, SK  S4P 3T2

 Phone: (306) 787-1137

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